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Assignment 3: Sexual Harassment

Review the materials provided by your instructor on Sexual Harrassment. Then, go to the following web address and take the quiz: Sexual Harassment Online Quiz After you select submit your results will display. Copy your result into an email and send to:

Assignment 2: Job Boards

1) Go to a job board such as, or 2) Search for jobs in a field you are considering after you graduate. 3) Identify 3 jobs that you might apply for and copy the job name, short description and url to an email message. Send the email to In the subject,… Read More »

Assignment: Success in College

Write a 350-750 word essay that meets the following requirements: Assume you are advising a new student on how to succeed in college and meet their career goals. Provide at least 5 specific points of advice that will best help the student. Due 6/16/2015