HTM204-Event Plan

Course Syllabus Conferance and Event Planning Syllabus
Text Book PowerPoint
Resources Download Project Plan Software
How to Start an Event Planning Service
Event Planning Software (Free Trial)
Assignments test 1 Chaps 1,2,3 Р6/3/2015 (wk 6)
Test 2 Chaps 4,5,6 – 6/25/2015 (wk 9)
Test 3 Chaps 7,8,9 – 6/3/2015 (wk 12)
Videos Steve Jobs: Marketing is about Values
Writing a Mission Statement that Doesn’t Suck
Weird Al’s Mission Statement
10 Mistakes Most Event Planners Make
Top 5 Event Planning Tips
Event Planning Budget Template
Wedding Planning Budgets
Designing a Dinner Party Menu
Student Event Planning Project

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